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    Resources — tundra interior mods

    10 Awesome Toyota Tundra Interior Upgrades

    10 Awesome Toyota Tundra Interior Upgrades

    We talk about the Tacoma a lot, and for good reason. It’s an amazing little truck. Well, if you need something bigger, if you need a V8, and you want it all from a reliable and proven company, the Tacoma’s bigger brother, the Toyota Tundra, is a fantastic option.

    While not as popular as the Tacoma’s, there is still a ton of awesome Tundra mods and accessories for this truck. Vehicle customization is something I very much support because you get the build the vehicle you want, and it separates you from everyone else. While the interior of the Tundra is great from the factory, there is plenty of customizing you can do to make it even better!

    Since you will hear me mention it a lot, check out 10 Awesome Toyota Tacoma Interior Upgrades!

    TRD Shift Knob

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this is one of my favorite mods. It’s one of the first things that you see and touch when you get in your truck. Throwing in a TRD knob gives a touch of elegance, at least in the off-road sense. While not as flashy as the Tacoma one, the styling is pretty sweet.  You can find it on Amazon for about $85.

    Clazzio Seat Covers

    These are perfect on the bigger brother as well! Stock seats can get worn out. Also, if you buy your truck used, you don’t get much say in what options you get. Maybe it’s not the color you want, or maybe your seats are... CLOTH! 

    Clazzio can help you change that. They have almost an endless amount of material options, color options (including body, insert, and stitch color), and they will fit whatever size cab you have. Prices for a regular cab are around $250-$700 depending on options. You can find them here!

    Floor Mats/Liners

    If you truly plan to use your Tundra for some serious work duty, or you play in the mud a lot, you need to ditch the factory floor mats for something more rugged. Husky and WeatherTech both make excellent products including mud flaps and bed liners as well. You can find some Husky ones here, and WeatherTech ones here.

    Under Seat Storage

    If you want a little extra storage that looks factory and is out of sight, ESP Truck Accessories makes a kit with three plastic bins that mount under the rear seats of your CrewMax. While you do have to cut some material out of your truck, the end result is a really useful storage area. You can find the unit here.

    Console Organizer

    While we’re talking about storage and organization, MX Auto Accessories makes a center console organizer that really helps master organization. The pockets are deep enough to hold most of what you would need to, there is a special phone section, and the rubber base inserts keep everything in place. It’s hard to beat at $25!

    Door Sill Decals

    The door sills on the Tundra are pretty boring, but you can easily dress them up and make them pop with some decals! For $15, you can find 8 paint matched colors that are easy to stick into place. 

    Custom Steering Wheel

    This is a pretty pricey upgrade, but you can be sure that you will have something different compared to other people. Vivid Racing offers custom race-inspired steering wheels for Tundras. While it will set you back about $800, everything is completely custom and made to order: shape, material, size, and so on. 

    Painting and Vinyl Black Out

    While there is not a specific product for this, if you want to get a little crafty, you can give your interior a blackedout look (getting rid of the chrome) with some paint or vinyl.  In a previous post, I talk about a lot of options and ways to do this on Tacomas. While there may not be as many kits and precut parts for Tundras, you can do a lot on your own!

    Interior and Bed 110v Outlets with USB

    This one involves cutting, hacking, wiring, and creativity, but if you add it all together, you get something very cool! WARNING: I would strongly advise that you don’t mess around with electrical systems in your truck unless you know what you’re doing. It could lead to many problems.

    That out of the way, user AlmightyCrash on the Tundras forum posted a short writeup about how he took a cheap power inverter and turned it into a permanent installation on his truck! Take a look, and see if this is something you might want to do for yourself! Outlet writeup.

    LED Lighting

    Interior lighting can change the whole feel of your truck. LED lights are brighter and last longer, and with a few lights, you can change the whole look of your interior for less than $50. I love any interior lights sold by Diode Dynamics. Here are some links:

    Stereo And Sound System

    There are so many options here. Every brand makes something that will fit directly or with some vanity. Getting too deep into this would take a few posts on its own. The thing about audio is that there are so many variables: how much do you want to spend, how many speakers do you want, how much low or high frequencies do you want to hear, how loud do you want it, do you want to cut into panels and drill holes? Once you know the answer to all that, you can start mixing and matching equipment.

    There are so many things you can do that didn’t make this list. For what did make the list, there are so many more choices out there. Find what works for you and your budget and get customizing! 

    Image Credits

    Seat Covers - Courtesy of Tundras user “xtyfighterx”

    Seat Storage - Courtesy of ESP Truck Accessories

    Door Sill - Us! Empyre Off Road

    Console Organizer - Courtesy of MX Auto Accessories

    Steering Wheel - Courtesy of Tundras user “hypa”

    Black Out - Courtesy of Tunrdas user “JoshuaA”

    110v Outlets - Courtesy of Tundras user “AlmightyCrash”

    * Please note that some of these links are Amazon affiliate links and we make a small commission if you purchase the product.