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    Toyota Tacoma Compatible Rock Sliders / Skid Plates

    Tacoma Rock Sliders

    You can’t take your second or third-generation Toyota Tacoma out for some serious rock crawling without the protection of rock sliders. The folks at Empyre Off-Road speak from experience when they say protection matters.

    We carry rock sliders for your Toyota Tacoma that are both durable and look good. Afterall, we know that many of you daily drive your off-road warriors as well!

    The sliders that we offer can be optioned out to your taste, and we don't upcharge you for better material or for features like kick-outs. Choose from raw, powder-coated, or Rhino-lined finishes to meet your needs.

    Our selection of sliders fit all 2005 - 2021 Toyota Tacomas, so you don’t have to look around to find the correct ones for your year truck. Choose the right set for your short bed, long bed, or access cab.

    All of our products are ones that we have tested on our trucks and stand behind (or on). We know you want the best protection for your Tacoma, so our world-class customer support will never get you between a rock and a hard place, but the products we carry will allow you to.

    Tacoma Skid Plates

    Your 2005 - 2021 Tacoma has some very expensive parts underneath that are exposed. Regardless if you tackle some trails on the weekends or are a serious competitive rock crawler, you need some skid plates in your life for superior protection. Empyre Off-Road is here to help. 

    We like to take our Tacomas out into the wild, so we know just how important protection is. We offer a full range of skid plates for all of the various exposed parts under your truck. Spending a few dollars on a skid plate now could save you thousands in costly repairs in the future.

    All of our products are ones that we have tested on our trucks and stand behind. We strive to be your one-stop shop for protection on your Tacoma, and our selection of skid plates are here to get that job done.