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    5 Tips to Make Your Old, Dumb Tacoma Feel New and Smart

    5 Tips to Make Your Old, Dumb Tacoma Feel New and Smart

    Most truck owners would be glad to tell you all the many reasons, from off-roading to customizations, why owning a truck is the best — but high-tech gadgets and gizmos are not usually high on the list of accessories needed for their Tacomas.

    But if your Tacoma is older than a 2016, or otherwise didn’t come equipped with newer smart car tech, don’t worry: There are plenty of techy gadgets that can upgrade your truck and your driving experience without costing you an arm and a leg (or requiring you to trade in your beloved vehicle).

    Here are 5 gadgets to smarten up your Toyota Tacoma: 

    1. ZUS Smart Car Charger ($39.99)

      If your car doesn’t come standard with a USB charger for your devices, fear not: Cigarette-lighter chargers are faster and smarter than ever. The ZUS Qualcomm Quick Charge can charge two USB devices at maximum speed, faster than typical car chargers.  Bonus: With the ZUS app, you can find where you parked your car, set timers for parking meters, monitor your car battery, and track your mileage.

      Follow these tips for using a car phone charger to keep your phone and car batteries healthy.

    2. Smart Vehicle Health Monitor ($59.99)  

      No one likes taking the truck into the shop and blowing cold, hard cash just to check an engine light. But with a car health monitor, you can interpret engine light codes right on your smartphone and stay knowledgeable about the overall health and functionality of your vehicle.

    3. Garmin Heads-up Display Navigation ($149.99)

      Looking at the navigation on your phone while driving is dangerous — plain and simple. But new heads-up tech puts a transparent navigation screen in your line of sight while driving, so you can follow directions without taking your eyes off the road.

    4. Viper Smart Start ($195.00)

      If you have an older car or truck, you probably don’t have a way to start it up remotely — which means warming it up on a cold, winter morning is a hassle at best. Now, you can use an app on your smartphone to remote-start your vehicle from the warmth and comfort of your house.

    5. ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor ($119.99)  

      No one wants to experience a tire blowing out on a highway. To keep you and your loved ones safe (and save you some money and hassle), use your smartphone and a handy app to keep track of your tire air pressure and health. The ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor comes with the first-ever slow leak detector, so you’ll be alerted before your tire problems become dangerous.

    * Please note that some of these links are Amazon affiliate links and we make a small commission if you purchase the product.