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    The Ultimate Guide To Toyota Tacoma Floor Mats

    The Ultimate Guide To Toyota Tacoma Floor Mats

    As we have talked about with seat covers before, keeping your ride protected is a great way to increase its longevity, keep maintenance costs down, and keep resale value high. Floor mats are no exception. Floor mats are a cheap investment that vastly changes the durability of your interior. From high style for the Pro owners to rugged and tough material for the Off-Road owners, there is an option for you. 

    Why Floor Mats For Your Tacoma?

    The carpet on your Toyota Tacoma is great for looks but also helps cut down on road noise as well as dissipate heat. Over time, the carpet in your truck will wear out. The heel of your foot under the gas pedal will be the major killer.

    While a new carpet might be considered inexpensive at around $140 for a whole new floor, that’s your option: the whole new floor. You can’t effectively patch the carpet and have it look good. The installation means all of your seat and interior body panels need to come out. That’s not cheap.

    Have you tried to clean the carpet? It’s not a quick experience. While a vacuum does wonders, anything it won’t pick up becomes a pain.

    Floor mats take care of both of those situations. If you wear a mat out, you can just throw it out and get a new one. If you get one made for off-road and utilitarian use, it might not ever wear out. Cleaning a mat? Easy. Pull out, and clean it. It’s even easier if it’s a rubber one: just hose it off.

    What Cut/Size Floor Mat Is Best For Your Tacoma?

    Much like car seat covers, you have two big options: fitted/model specific, or universal. Fitted mats will be specific for your truck. They depend on the year, make, and model of your truck. They will conform to the interior floor pattern of your truck to cover up the most floor real estate possible. They are usually more pricey compared to universal mats.

    Universal mats fit your vehicle’s general size. You generally find them listed as “fits most compact cars” or “fits most midsized trucks and SUVs.” They are usually cheaper compared to fitted mats, but might not fit as well. However, this all depends on material...

    What Floor Mat Material Is Best For Your Tacoma?

    Floor mats come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. The three biggest material options would be cloth top with a rubber bottom, solid rubber, or a hybrid of the two.

    Cloth Floor Mats

    Cloth floor mats are your cheapest option, and usually the least durable. While they do come with a studded rubber bottom to stop it from shifting around, the top section is just cloth. Right under the pedal (where your heels would be) don’t offer any added protection on the mat. If you need something fast, don’t drive it much, or perhaps just want to quickly dress up the inside of your truck for resale, they are a good option. 

    Generally, they come in a set with two front mats and two small rear mats. In most cases, these are universally fitting mats. Black is the most common color, but sometimes depending on brand and cost, there are some other options.

    Rubber Floor Mats

    Rubber mats are usually solid rubber and are designed for ultimate protection and quick cleaning. They don’t wear out as fast (or at all) compared to cloth mats. You can usually find them with a raised lip around the edge. This is perfect for muddy or snowy feet. When the liquid garbage comes off your feet and onto the mat, it won’t slosh off the sides and onto your carpet. Same if you spill a drink on it. When you need to clean it, simply take them out, and spray them off with a hose.

    These are usually found in sets of two (for the front), four (for the front and back), or three (two up front and one wide one for the back). It is common to find these both fitted and universal. Colors are generally black and tan, but you can probably find other options. While the cost is at least double to cost of cloth or hybrid mats, they are going to last much longer, if not the life of the truck. While they are not the most stylish option, they are hands down your best option for durability.

    Hybrid Floor Mats

    A good version of both that offers protection and conservative styling would one of the most common floor mats out there: a hybrid version. This is pretty much the same as a cloth mat, but there is a rubber reinforced area where your heels would go. This offers the carpet look for a factory style, but extra protection to help cut down on wear.

    These are pretty inexpensive as well and come in both fitted and universal. Generally, these are sold in sets of four.

    Best Tacoma Floor Mats

    What would one of these posts be without providing you some options? As always, I source some of the popular ones from forums, Facebook groups, my own personal experience, and industry knowledge. 

    OEM Tacoma Floor Mats

    OEM will give you the best fit and they actually look really good too. If you need to replace them if they got worn out, or if you got your truck used and they didn’t have them, you can pick them up on Amazon for about $115. It comes in a set of three (two upfront and a large one piece for the back).

    You can check them out and purchase them here.

    WeatherTech Tacoma Floor Mats

    WeatherTech offers some top-notch all-weather, rubber floor mats. I’m sure you’ve seen their ads on YouTube. While that may be annoying, they do make some popular mats. They make a few different models, but their FloorLiner is their most popular. They are around $190.

    You can check them out and purchase them here.

    Husky Tacoma Floor Mats

    Husky is quite popular on the forums and they are what I rock in my Tacoma. They are very similar in construction a design to the WeatherTechs. For around $120, they can be a tad cheaper compared to the WeatherTechs, and they come with a lifetime warranty.

    You can check them out and purchase them here.

    Rugged Ridge Tacoma Floor Mats

    Rugged Ridge offers a good, less expensive option for around $70. There are higher priced options available. They have multiple colors and style options. They also come with a lifetime warranty. 

    You can check them out and purchase them here.

    To close, I'm going to leave you with a little pro tip... All of your floor mats with the exception of the driver's side will move around. It's super annoying. To fix this, you can buy a set of Eagle Klaw floor mat clips. They install right into your mats and anchor to your floor to keep them from moving ever again. I have these in my Tacoma and absolutely love them.

    You can check them out and purchase them here.

    Image Credits

    WeatherTech - Courtesy of Tacoma World user BMunster

    Husky - Courtesy of Tacoma World user skierd

    Rugged Ridge - Courtesy of Auto Accessories Garage

    OEM - Courtesy of See-Do

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