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    Resources — 4runner mods

    Top 25 Mods & Accessories Under $300 For 5th Gen Toyota 4Runners

    Top 25 Mods & Accessories Under $300 For 5th Gen Toyota 4Runners

    Toyota has been making a vast amount of improvements over the years to its 4Runner. Aside from being one of the most capable SUVs on the market, Toyota has listened to their customers and crafted the sport utility vehicle to be what the end user wants either standard, or with factory options.

    What if you want to do something a little extra? Vehicles are made to be modified and customized. With the 4Runner being a member of the one of the most popular and reliable manufacturers on the market (Toyota), there are plenty of accessories on the aftermarket that you can add to your ride for under $300. Here are some of the most popular Toyota 4Runner accessories and mods we found on forums, Facebook groups, and learned about from our loyal customers.

    NOTE: There are some differences between model years, so please make sure you read our descriptions, and the descriptions on the vendor pages. For the most part, these 4Runner 5th gen mods work with all 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 models.

    TRD Pro Style Grille ($149)

    The factory grille on the 4Runner is okay, but it can be so much better. While there are plenty of options out there, one of the most cost effective solutions would be the aggressive styling offered from the TRD Pro grille. Instead of paying thousands more for the TRD Pro package from Toyota that is full of features you probably won’t need, this touch of styling is inexpensive and looks great. This is by far one of the most popular 4Runner mods out there. You can buy the 2014-2019 model here and 2020-2021 model here.

    TRD Pro Shift Knob ($91)

    If you want to continue with adding a little TRD Pro flair to your 2015-2019 4Runner, then the TRD Pro shift knob would be a great addition. It is one of the easier pieces to install, and it looks great over the boring factory one. While it may be subtle, the looks and feel will set you apart from the other 4Runner interiors out there. You can buy it here.

    TRD Pro Center Caps ($15 each)

    The last bit of TRD goodness that fits in our price range are TRD center caps for your wheels. Some people might give you a hard time for branding your ride as a “TRD” if it’s not, but who cares? They look good, and add a touch of class to your 4Runner. These are for most 2020 and 2021 models, and are directly from Toyota, but there are some options on Amazon for previous years. You can buy them here.

    Running Boards ($224)

    A great addition to any SUV are running boards. These make getting in and out of your vehicle easier, and let’s face it… they look cool. While there are plenty of options out there, one cost effective solution with high reviews would be the TAC Running Boards. They fit most model 4Runners, and they are easily installed via bolts with no drilling or welding required. You can buy them here.

    Tint (Depends on Location)

    This is one of the most basic and rewarding modifications you can do to any vehicle. Not only does it keep your ride cooler when the sun beats down, but it stops wandering eyes from seeing who is driving the hottest 4Runner in town! The price depends on where you go, or if you do it yourself.

    Durable Floor Mats ($114)

    If you plan on using your SUV as an actual sport utility vehicle, or if you deal with lots of rain, snow, or kids, you might want some tough floor mats. These mats from Husky (for 2013-2019 4Runners) are just one example of the options out there. You can buy them here.

    Cargo Mat ($86)

    An overlooked place to take care of is your cargo area in your 4Runner. Cargo mats protect your floor and carpet, provide slip resistance, and add a touch of “ruggedness” to your ride. It helps add the “sport” in SUV. This option from Husky fits 2020-2021 4Runners. You can buy it here.

    Interior LED Bulb Replacement ($24)

    If you find the interior lighting of your 4Runner too dull, or perhaps you want something more long lasting, then you can’t go wrong with an LED bulb conversion. While you will have to pop a few parts of your interior off to get these installed, it’s easy, inexpensive, and the results are instant and long lasting. This kit from AUTOGINE will fit 2010-2021 models. You can buy them here.

    Climate Knobs ($59)

    If you really want something to pop in your interior, custom colored climate knobs could be what you’re looking for. These knobs from AJT Design come in 6 different colors, and the screws come in 4 different colors. You can buy them here.

    Anytime Backup Camera ($69)

    Regardless if you tow a lot, or just like to be able to see what’s behind you, this simple kit allows you to switch on your backup camera any time. Installation is easy with a couple connections, and once you’re done, you’ll be in control of your rear end all the time! You can buy it here.

    Raptor Style Grille Lights ($42.99)

    Exterior lighting can really make a vehicle unique, and these raptor style LED lights do just that. They easily snap into place in your factory grille, and wire up hassle-free. You can choose between amber or smoked amber. These are a bright idea to add to any 4Runner. You can buy them here.

    Center Console Organizer ($16)

    This is one of those additions to your ride that you didn’t realize you were missing until you get it. This $14 accessory will give you control over how you want to organize your center console. With slip resistant mats and coin slots, you’ll keep your smaller cargo contained and where you want it. This leads me to my next one… You can buy it here.

    Glove Box Organizer ($19)

    While you can fit a lot of stuff in a glove box, you usually just have to throw it all in, and dig around later if you want it. With this little divider, you can control the clutter with cubby holes. Between this and the center console organizer, you’ll never have to search for the lost pen again (we hope). You can buy it here.

    LED Fog Light Pods ($150)

    While LED light bars can become rather expensive, there are a host of other LED lighting solutions that are more reasonably priced. These fog light pods from Cali Raised replace the dull (by comparison) factory fog lights with your choice of white or amber LED lighting. Durable, longer lasting, and brighter. You can buy them here.

    LED Ditch Lights ($170)

    While not as subtle as fog light pods, these LED ditch lights with brackets add some great lighting when you're cruising the trails at night. If placed correctly, they will light up the areas in front of you that your headlights can’t see, which adds an extra layer of safety when you’re out in the dark. Cali Raised offers plenty of options to build the kit you desire. You can buy them here.

    Rear Window Molle Style Storage Panel ($197)

    While there is plenty of room in the back of your 4Runner to throw in whatever you want, you may want to keep your smaller items more easily accessible and always in one place. These unique Molle style racks from Victory 4x4 install easily. These will not work for models with third row seating. You can buy it here.

    Hatch Molle Style Panel ($170)  

    If you want another unique storage option, this panel will take the unused space on your hatch, and turn it into a unique storage location. While this does require some drilling to get it installed, it’s still pretty easy to complete, and the next time someone sees the hatch open, they will do a double take! You can buy it here.

    Interior Cargo Basket ($377)

    Another cool one from Victory 4x4 is their interior cargo basket that gives you a second level of storage in the back of your 4Runner. While almost at the max of our budget, it is really a unique product that I feel is worth looking at. You do have to get two of their window storage panels to get this to mount properly though. You can buy it here.

    Roof Rack ($124)

    The roof on any vehicle can make some excellent storage space with the right gear, such as a roof rack. While I would suggest getting one made for your 4Runner, if you just need something to use a few times, a budget universal one such as this can help you get by. You can buy it here.

    Emblem Blackout ($45 or FREE)

    While the chrome badges all over the 4Runner look good, if you want something more sleek and subtle, then you might want to consider blacking them all out. You can get an overlay kit on Amazon that will place a blacked out version of the logo/emblem over the existing one. No need to worry about removing the factory ones. You can also grab a can of Plasti-Dip and coat them yourself. That effectively makes the modification free! You can buy them here.

    Seat Covers ($200)


    Seat covers have come a long way. They once used to just protect your seats, but now they can do that while transforming the look of your interior. Stuck with cloth seats? Not anymore! Use your truck for work and don’t want to damage the cloth? You're covered (literally). Prices can vary depending on what you get, but here are a few to get you looking in the right direction. You can buy them here.

    Molle Seat Covers ($55)

    If you need a little extra storage, but need it close and accessible, a molle seat cover could be a solution. While it’s always best to get something made specific for your 4Runner, those cost over $300. These universal ones will get the job done for most weekend warriors. You can buy them here.

    Wheel Spacers ($69)

    If you want an inexpensive way to add a little toughness to your 4Runner, wheel spacers are a great option. Not only do they increase your stability when tackling the elements, they improve the visual stance of your ride as well. Rough Country sells them in pairs in various widths. You can buy them here.

    Scosche Phone Mount ($12)

    I have mentioned this mount before when talking about Tacoma accessories, and I’ll mention it again because I like it that much! It’s simple, but gets that job done. It will mount just about anywhere, and it will keep your phone in place right where you want it. You can buy it here.

    Brush Guard/Bull Bar ($164)

    A brush guard/bull bar is a great addition to any SUV for on or off-road use. They protect your bumper against branches and brush, and even bad parkers in the city. If you plan on doing some serious off-roading where maximum protection is required, I would suggest a full size guard that protects your whole front end, but for basic protection and looks, this kit from TAC will do the job. You can buy it here.

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